Built using Visual Basic 6.0 eHealthFiles uses MS SQL Server 2000 as the Database and works on the Windows Platform. It can be easily deployed in a matter of hours at any clinic with an existing LAN. The product can also be easily customized to interface with existing systems of a clinic, or to port the clinic’s existing system on to the eHealthFiles framework.

Various components of the product can be web-enabled to provide remote access and inter-agency transactions. The intuitive GUIs and simple navigation of the product, which evolved as a byproduct of the development team’s close interaction with clinical staff and doctors, makes it extremely easy to learn and use. eHealthfiles complies with the stringent standards of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).

eHealthFile Client/Server Release includes all the familiar conventions associated with Windows-based products.

  • A graphical user interface that makes applications easy to use
  • Tabs and folders for easy access to information
  • Multi-tasking
  • Wide Open Software

The use of Intel® processors and Microsoft® operating systems throughout the eHealthFiles architecture enhances the consistency of eHealthFile Client/Server release. This not only reduces support prblems, it also creates a virtually open enterprise system making it is possible for organizations to combine it easily with other vendors' applications.

Increased Processing Power

We have dramatically increased the computing power available to customers by distributing a healthcare organization's processing power between client PCs that run applications, and Servers that store applications and data. Health care providers subsequently have the processing power they need to quickly access patient records that combine diagnostic history, prescription history, demographic information etc.

Future Innovations

eHealthFile offers enterprises the much required scalability for future innovations by letting them take advantage of new products and technologies developed for the Intel and Microsoft platforms.

Customers can expand their systems incrementally by adding clients and servers as and when needed. In addition, customers can update their systems at a comfortable pace, incorporating new technologies as they emerge.

We reviewed several EMR Systems...eHealthFiles appeared to be more comprehensive than the other systems. Since eHealthFiles implementation, its comprehensiveness has proven to be true.

- Lee McCain
Access Medical Center, Guntersville, AL

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