The Laboratory Information System keeps track of the orders and schedules of the labs / tests for the patients. It automates the procedures for placing orders to lab companies or lab machines within the clinic, retrieves the results and presents the same to the physician / nurse who ordered the tests. eHealthFiles provides an interactive lab orders and results tracker and sends reminders about overdue results/orders to the relevant clinical staff, thereby ensuring that no lab orders / results are lost.

Laboratory Information System includes:

  • Bi-directional, HL7 Complaint Interface with LabCorp for sending orders & receiving results
  • Bi-directional, ASTM Complaint Interface with Lab Machines
  • Ability to forward received results automatically to the ordered physician and/or the relevant nurse
  • Alerts on abnormal Results
  • Trends (graphical representation) on Lab Results and Vitals
  • Documentation of lab results in clinical notes and e-charts
  • The maintenance of the Advance Beneficiary Notice (ABN) and patientís signature for labs/tests requisitions

After reviewing numerous EMR systems we purchased eHealthFiles in June 2002. From an office manager's perspective, I have found this system very user friendly...Transcription and chart costs have been greatly reduced and will be eliminated in the coming months. Our physicians have adapted well and love not having to dictate. eHealthFiles makes patients' medical information available immediately, thereby enhancing our ability to provide premium patient care.

- Sheila Burgess Anniston Family Practice & Residency Program, Anniston, AL

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