Extremely user friendly...Better E&M Coding...Saves Time...Increases Efficency...I Love It!

- Neal Mills, MD
Family Physician,
Bynum, TX

Developed by Physicians and Engineers   Prescriptions Refill & Recheck Reminders Module  
EASY To Use and VERY Comprehensive   Message Center, Patient Clinical Manager and Tracker  
Health Maintenance & Reminders Module   Analytical Reports on Clinical Data & Monthly Statistics  
Generate Clinical Notes / Procedure Notes   Easy To Understand Reports for Charges and Accounts Receivables  
E&M Coding and CPT Code Justification   Drug Information, Allergy alerts and Formularies  
Integrated Billing Software   Trending of lab values and vitals  
ePrescription, eFaxing, eMail   Security Features  
CUSTOMIZABLE to YOUR Needs   Patient Instructions and Handouts  
Referrals Tracker & Reminders   Many More Features  
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