The eHealthFiles CMS focuses on patient-physician encounters, eliminates paper chart, automates the entire clinical process, and allows easy documentation of Clinical Notes.

Some of the features in CMS are
  • Generation of Clinical Notes / Procedure Notes
  • E&M Coding and CPT Code Justification
  • Patient Electronic Charting
  • Prescription Generation & Faxing
  • Health Maintenance Records & Reminders
  • Patient Clinical Manager and Tracker
  • Referrals Tracker & Reminders
  • Prescriptions Refill & Recheck Reminders
  • Message Center
  • Analytical Reports on Clinical Data & Monthly Statistics
  • Drug Information, Interactions, Allergy alerts and Formularies
  • Trending of lab values and vitals
  • Patient Instructions and Handouts
  • Security
Clinical Notes

eHealthFiles provides an easy and user-friendly way to record clinical notes, procedure notes, patient medical history, medications and various other clinical information at the point of care. It offers various options to enter data with hundreds of built-in templates, voice recognition, etc. It also provides efficient methods to track and analyze the patient’s clinical documents and histories.


Based on the data entered by the clinician, eHealthFiles generates a “superbill” for the patient’s visit. The software suggests the appropriate E&M code and captures all the charges for the visit. eHealthFiles will correlate the respective ICD and CPT codes. It has alerts built-in if a clinician orders a test that is not justified based on Medicare Code Necessity rules. Overall, in addition to proper clinical documentation eHealthFiles ensures maximum financial collections for the practice.


eHealthFiles also helps physicians in generating electronic prescriptions, by providing them updated list of drugs & classifying them by categories and classes. It provides a list of drugs with color-coding to distinguish between ‘patient’s formulary’, ‘generic drugs’, ‘sold as generic drugs’ and ‘trade name drugs’. It also alerts physicians on drug allergies the patient may have, and drug-drug interactions during prescription. eHealthFiles also maintains drug formularies for various insurance carriers.

Patient Health Maintenance, Health Risk Assessment & Prevention

The patient health maintenance feature suggests the appropriate tests based on the patient’s medical and prescription histories, thereby enhancing the ability to provide premium patient care.

eHealthFiles provides an interactive tool for health risk assessment and prevention, which helps and guides physicians in preventing the most common diseases. eHealthFiles keeps track of the regular health maintenance tests for patients’ and alerts the doctors/nurses about the patient compliance for regular health maintenance tests and medication renewals. It will alert the clinic staff if a particular test or medication renewal is upcoming or overdue.


eHealthFiles allows the clinic staff to communicate with each other via internal email system. It also provides them ways to send and receive faxes/emails to 3rd party facilities.

eHealthFiles Message Center incorporates a fax & e-mail functionality and facilitates the staff in faxing prescriptions to pharmacies, forwarding referral letters and other communications to specialists and hospitals.

eHealthFiles has an “interface engine” that is capable of interfacing with multiple entities.

Message center

The Message center helps in exchanging patient related or general information, documents, prescription refill requests etc., between clinical staff and also includes features which notifies on overdue lab results, labs/tests schedules and acknowledgment of lab results.

The phone calls repository allows the users to document the phone calls received and forward the message to the related staff.

Analytical Clinical Reports

eHealthFiles helps the clinical staff in analyzing clinical data over a period of time. This provides monthly statistics of physicians including analysis on level of service, prescriptions, diagnosis and various other variables. This is an excellent tool for retrospective data analysis or outcome research.


eHealthFiles allows users to create and send referral letters along with attachments of patient information. It also allows to receive notes from other specialist.


Roles and Permissions

Clinical Staff are grouped into different Groups like doctors, Nurse Practitioners, Administrators, Secretaries and lab Technicians. Permissions to access the system for different clinical staff groups can be set by the administrator. All users of the system are defined with specific roles and permissions, thus allowing access only to assigned screens and functionalities.

This will further help the clinic to adhere to the guidelines as specified in the HIPAA Privacy Act.

Audit Trails

This feature helps in keeping track of the log files to identify which user accessed a particular option and when.

Auto log off

If users leave the system idle for period pre-defined by the administrator, the system logs off automatically, and users need to re-login to access the application.

After reviewing numerous EMR systems we purchased eHealthFiles in June 2002. From an office manager's perspective, I have found this system very user friendly...Transcription and chart costs have been greatly reduced and will be eliminated in the coming months. Our physicians have adapted well and love not having to dictate. eHealthFiles makes patients' medical information available immediately, thereby enhancing our ability to provide premium patient care.

- Sheila Burgess Anniston Family Practice & Residency Program, Anniston, AL

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