• eHealthFiles is uniquely designed to save the valuable time of the doctors, nurses and other clinical staff in the documentation of clinical encounters. It automates most of the processes and provides easy access to patient’s clinical information, thereby enhancing the clinican’s ability to provide premium patient care.

  • eHealthFiles revolutionizes medical practices by offering a complete EMR solution that combines a comprehensive software package with cost efficient hardware.

  • Features and templates can be customized to meet specific needs of all medical practitioners and managers regardless of specialty. Whether for a small practice or large facility, our team can create a hardware and software infrastructure designed specifically for individual needs.

  • eHealthFiles has the scalability to meet functional requirements and budgetary constraints with the variables necessary to provide a solid foundation for future growth.

  • eHealthFiles is one of the most comprehensive and cost effective EMR software available.

“Very easy to use… even a physician practicing for several years like myself feels comfortable using it.”

- Neal Canup, M.D. Past President AAFP, Alabama Chapter

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