eHealthFiles Complete EHR version 5.1 is ONC-ATCB 2011/2012 Certified

The certification included eHealthFiles web-based patient portal, e-prescribing, security and interoperability modules. NO third party software was required.
eHealthFiles passed the following criteria for ambulatory setting:
Criteria Name
170.302(o) Access control
170.302(t) Authentication
170.302(p) Emergency access
170.302(q) Automatic log-off
170.304(c) Record demographics
170.302(f)(1) Vital signs
170.302(f)(2) Calculate BMI
170.302(f)(3) Plot and Display growth charts
170.302(g) Smoking status
170.302(e) Maintain active medication allergy list
170.302(c) Maintain up-to-date problem list
170.304(a) Computerized provider order entry
170.302(d) Maintain active medication list
170.302(j) Medication reconciliation
170.302(b) Drug formulary check
170.302(a) Drug-drug, drug-allergy, checks
170.304(b) e-Prescription
170.304(e) Clinical Decision Support
170.302(h) Incorporate laboratory test results
170.302(m) Patient education resources
170.304(d) Generate patient reminder list
170.302(i) Generate patient lists
170.304(g) Timely access
170.304(i) Exchange Patient Summary Record
170.304(h) Clinical Summaries
170.304(f) Electronic copy of health information
170.302(u) General Encryption
170.302(s) Integrity
170.302(v) HIE Encryption
170.302(k) Submission to immunization registries
170.302(l) Public health surveillance
170.302(r) Audit log
170.304(j) Clinical Quality Measures
170.302(n) Automated Measure Calculation

The Clinical Quality Measures certified include:
  • NQF 13 Hypertension; Blood Pressure Measurement
  • NQF 24 Weight Assessment and Counseling
  • NQF 28 Tobacco Use Assessment and Cessation
  • NQF 38 Childhood Immunization Status
  • NQF 41 Influenza Immunization
  • NQF 59 Diabetes; Hemoglobin A1C Control
  • NQF 61 Diabetes; Blood Pressure Measurement
  • NQF 64 Diabetes; Lipids Management
  • NQF 421 Adult Weight Screening